360 Panorama Pics of Almost Anything

360 Site I love panorama pictures.  Did you know that you can take panoramic pictures from your phone?  On the iPhone the option is built in. When you are in picture taking mode choose the options tab and then choose panorama.

I came across a website that has all kinds of panoramic pictures.  This is a great way to teach geography, history or just to let a child explore and let them ask questions for some self directed learning. Here are a few of my favorites so far: Continue reading


Startup Kids Documentary Film

Minus the last crass remark by the young “lady” in this video, this looks pretty interesting.  You can visit this documentary website here.  Two things that caught my attention in this video: *Ben Way from Rainmakers says that he made $30 million dollars by age 17 and lost it all by age of 20 and *Zach Klein, maker of Vimeo, says that he let all of his relationships go because nothing was more important  than Vimeo. These are pretty sad statements, not only by these two individuals, but as a reflection on this generation. No amount of technology is more important than your relationships with your family and friends. Don’t rely too much on the technology or the money.

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What to do about Your Child’s iPhone Addiction

Baby with Iphone One day when our family was going to town in the dark reaches of winter, we realized that one of my children decided to leave their coat at home. I had told them “grab your coat because it is cold outside.” They reminded me that we were going to be in the van and then only outside long enough to walk to the vehicle.  To that I replied “what if the van breaks down and we have to walk or wait for someone to come and rescue us? Don’t rely on the technology that much.”

As parents we all rely on technology to help out with our kids. I don’t think this is wrong, but just like the example above, we need not to rely on the technology as much as we do.  There is an article in the UK Telegraph that details how toddlers are becoming so addicted to ipads that Continue reading

Pagan Book Review

A Landscape with Dragons Book OK, so it is not exactly a Pagan Book Review. It is actually a review on pagan books, but the blog title is more catchy, right?  Anyway, the author of these books, Michael O’Brien, impresses his readers with an excellent study on the intrusion of pagan culture into children’s literature today.  In A Landscape with Dragons, O’Brien teaches his audience how to identify this pervasive yet insidious attack on our children’s souls.  He doesn’t simply criticize the world of today’s literature; he gives tools for its remedy and shows parents how to use the endearing fantasy world of the classics and others to instruct and edify their children with a deeply Christian culture.  I highly recommend this book as a foundation for any home school literature program or for pure family reading enjoyment.

A more recent installment by O’Brien is Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture.  I have listened to Harry Potter book by OBrien each of the Harry Potter audio books, and while they are very entertaining I have serious issues with giving these books to kids. O’Brien does a much better job than I could in explaining the difficulties with Harry Potter.

These two books will be indispensable in your arsenal against an insidious pagan intrusion into your home.

You CAN Home School an Only Child

Mary and Jesus

The Greatest Example of a HomeSchooled Only Child

Being an only child myself, I understand not only the concerns a parent may have when considering homeschooling but also how the child might feel.  Growing up as an only child, provided an atmosphere of love, attention and growing independence for me.  My parents were always attentive to my needs, wanting what was best for my formation, and considered our family just as important as a family of 8.  We spent many good times together, and a wonderful bond was formed that we still enjoy today.

An only child deserves an excellent education and formation, as does any other child. Don’t deny your child, just because he is your only one, the benefits of homeschooling.  Make it work. The home educated only child will Continue reading

Homeschooling: Where to Start

Man Thinking You’ve made the decision.  For some of you it took months, even years, of agonizing deliberation over whether to take the leap or not.  For others, it was a sudden decision, possibly a “have to”, or maybe because you were confronted with an appalling situation that demanded a decision.  Regardless, of the time tables you used, it is now time to investigate what needs to happen next.

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